• Excerpt from THE CELESTIAL SEA; 1st Book in The Celestial Sea Voyages; a Sacred Romance & Moral Quest.

    Adrian is waiting for me, kissing me gently when a clear moment appears. We stand by the sliding doors; the bay shining in the distance and my heart shining in his. He has already had a short haircut; smart and trim, although I think I prefer the shaggy version. “Come here, My Friend,” he says. “Let’s go down to my room for a catch-up; the girls are happy enough upstairs for a while longer.” We settle back into the old routine of snuggle and close whisper. There is so much to talk about and never enough time. He kisses me again----so softly that I lean into his Angel being with relief and deep joy; sensual promise a mere breath away. “Would you like another poem?” I ask. “I wrote several while you were away” “Oh, yes please,” he answers, closing his eyes as I begin my long verse. It is wonderful to have him home. I know the poem by heart and stroke his brow while I speak. I run my fingers through his hair. I know he likes my English accent.


    Tall and straight, my Prince he stands,

    The breeze in his hair, see his beautiful hands

    Directing the throng as they learn a new tune,

    Intent on his being, his voice and his song.

    His calm, priestly presence; such balance and poise,

    Is lending a stillness to replace the noise of a world in a rabble.

    Still, he’s waiting to know

    Which road he should travel, fast lane or slow?

    Builder or gardener, leader of light?

    Servant or teacher, priest, warrior bright?

    Healer or poet, father and brother?

    Caretaker, helper, entertainer or lover?

    Perhaps he knows, in the light of all schemes,

    That he can be, is already, each one of these dreams,

    With his bearing so royal and intention so kind,

    Of noble desire, you always will find.

    Yes, I am his Lady, here in the shadows,

    Watching and waiting from leafy green bowers.

    I’ve seen him before he has ever seen me,

    And that is the way it surely should be,

    For I am not free to make myself known,

    Only time, and the Angels, can lead us both home.

    Every turn of his head, every crease of his smile,

    Send cascades of delight through my being and his child.

    Yes, I have known him before, and he draws me, oh how he draws me

    To open that door.

    And so I am treading the forest path slowly,

    Each step; recognition of pleasure and joy, and insight most holy.

    And here we are standing in a clearing so cool,

    On opposite sides of a mystical pool,

    It’s enticingly clear and wonderfully real,

    No longer a question, a riddle or maze,

    That I have no other choice but to meet his soft gaze,

    Where we spark, and we know, and I dream of the days,

    When entwined in our hearts we become something quite other;

    A single----pure majesty----entrusted lover.

    “Did you really write that for me?” He asks ----“Mmm----Can you say it again?”


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