• The Love Project 'Mother'

    For several years now I have been considering the fact that our Western culture employs only one word for the many different facets of 'Love'---our greatest treasure on Earth. Other cultures use different words--why don't we? I think it is time we redefined the faces of 'Love'. We should invent new words--or reinstate ancient ones now lost.

    Poet Andrew Barber has written a simply beautiful essay on the first, and very important 'Love' in our lives--that of 'Mother'. (http://avbarber.wordpress.com/)

    In this blog post I have attempted to define the different roles that 'She' plays in our lives. Here is a simple ditty that I hope says a lot. If you think of any definitions I have omitted, do post your ideas! I hope this might develop into an exciting project shared by many. What 'Love' facet shall we look at next?


    Mother Blessed Virgin; haloed, ever mine,

    Mother warm Earth; under feet to define.

    Mother conceiving; her womb as a temple,

    Mother as nurse with first-born; sigh-simple.

    Mother provider; babes wake through the night,

    Mother my guide; mopping tears, holding tight.

    Mother as cook, wooden spoon and egg-timer,

    Mother as crafter, thimble and wool-winder.

    Mother my taxi, washer-woman the best,

    Mother encouragement—flee me the nest.

    Mother of bride, consumed by soft tears,

    Mother as friend, maintaining the years.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Here's to a LOVING and Blessed 2013

    Marina X


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