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A THING OF BEAUTY... 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever,' wrote the poet John Keats. And that's what this unique book will be, a joy forever. On picking it up for the first time it feels and looks beautiful. The cover is poignant and brave. That little boat, so well known after reading Marina's two previous books, is dear to our hearts. We want to see her 'setting sail', but will she ? Can she? I won't give the story away, but only say how deeply it moved me, how involved I became with this spiritual romance and the achingly hard path the lovers must tread. The tension is strung like a wire between all three of these amazing books which are so beautifully written in a very unusual style, one that dips in and out of sadness and joy, supported by the vivid landscapes and culture of New Zealand. It works because it's everyone's story, the searching for true love, the finding and the struggle to make it work against all odds. A line from Kahlil Gibran comes to mind. 'Even as love crowns you, so shall love crucify you.' To truly share in the depth and meaning of this book, I recommend reading THE CELESTIAL SEA and DRY DOCK first, as I did. Poetic and compelling. I loved it and will be reading it again over the winter. Thank you, Marina De Nadous, for such treasure. by ELaine Clover

Having enjoyed The Celestial Sea,I was eager to read DRY DOCK, and I wasn't disappointed, in fact I was hooked from the very first page. It took me a long time to read this book because I kept wanting to re-read parts of it, for in some places it is truly Shakespearean, and the more you search the depths of it, the more treasures you discover, treasures you'd like to store in the memory. And yet, like Shakespeare, the poetry and the compelling emotions are lightened with touches of humour and earthiness. There is a dog called 'The Bog-brush' who trots endearingly through the text, and a pet pig who is honoured with a poem... read more at amazon. by ELaine Clover

'I found this book fascinating as it is like reading someone's diary. The protaganist is fulfilling those imaginings we have all fantasised about - emmigrating to a better life, temptation and having an affair, starting a new life in different ways, leaving a long marriage and yet maintaing the ideal of being a perfect mother... The frame story gives a beautiful reflection of the main text and hints of what is to come. The novel is altogether worth a read and there is more to it than meets the eye. I found it absorbing and thought provoking and recommend it as I have read no other book like it....' read more at amazon. by Tamsin Holroyd

'I loved this book. It reminded me of my favourite Shakespeare play, The Tempest, because it has a light and airy quality which gracefully carries the deepest of messages. Beautifully written, poetic but endearingly readable, it will appeal to a wide variety of readers. Set in New Zealand, it is enriched with information about this fascinating country. I found the descriptions of the author's passion for alternative education stimulating and enjoyable. In one particular incident the children were learning how to scorch letters onto circles of wood by focussing the sun's rays through a magnifying glass - a fabulous blend of art, science, dexterity and wonder! But this rich detail is just the bedrock of the story which is sensitively told and shaped like a mountain, becoming ever more glorious and challenging as you climb towards the summit. I don't want to give it away. All I can say is READ IT. If you want to find out the truth about the little chalk drawing of the ship on the cover, if you want to discover your inner 'celestial sea', if your soul longs to escape the drudgery of daily life, then fasten your seat belts. This is it. This is the book your soul has been waiting for. Thankyou Marina De Nadous for giving this great book to the world.' by Elaine Clover

'It is a modern day romance with a deeper meaning. The story touches on the true meaning of sex and explores many levels in relationships. Marina de Nadous writes straight from the heart while retaining a delicious school girl sense of humour...' read more at amazon. by Tamsin Holroyd 'Not since reading D.H. Lawrence' "Lady Chatterley's Lover" have I been as deeply moved by a story of love and passion as compelling as the Celestial Sea by author Marina De Nadous. Marina's words leap from the pages as if they are, in their own right, desperate to be heard but they glide ever so gently through the mind and into the deep reaches of the soul. The Celestial Sea is an immensely personal and deeply spiritual love story that will snatch your breath and squeeze your heart. And the story takes place in a most unusual and unlikely way. Who would have thought that cell phone text messages would be the forum for such a spiritual and profoundly rich love affair? A love affair that could only take place in modern day "ether" that permeates every air wave and every frequency of divine awareness. Marina is more than a gifted teller of tales; she is a poet and we are enriched by this as only a poet could unravel a tale of such eloquence and beauty' by Carl This whole series of books come highly recommended! An intense and deeply emotional voyage full of joy, delight and wonderful human experience with the lows of the journey openly and honestly shared. For any of us who have had the courage to get into a variety of relationships and daring to love; to explore and to survive the ensuing emotions, this is a series of books to keep us company on our journeys, to inspire and to show us that we are not alone. The writing is beautiful and I feel so honoured to be allowed to share the whole experience. Thank you Marina for your Truth. Amazon Review I feel so privileged to have been given a copy of this awesome and beautiful book. I have read all five of the previous books in Marina's epic saga, The Celestial Sea Voyages. She has a rare talent and I feel her writing is on a level with Shakespeare, both in its depth, its exquisitely crafted imagery, the touches of humour, and a timeless theme of a bitter sweet romance, a love made in heaven struggling to cope with its journey on earth. KOOKABURRA ON THE DECK is a brave and honest diary of the hope and pain of looming betrayal, in places harrowing to read, but oh so compelling. I couldn't put it down, but devoured it and turned back to read it again, to rediscover the emotion, the intense romance, the poetry. Thank you, Marina, for this captivating spiritual romance and moral quest. I'm looking forward to the final book of the seven, TIME IS THE BRAKE. - Amazon Review

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